Work in the office and breach of duty -

Work in the office and breach of duty

    Patient History

    Lilia (36 years old) came to the consultation in the “Spine Ambulatory” with pictures of MRI of the lumbar department, where spondylosis, intervertebral hernias of the spine of segments L3-L4 and L5-S1 were diagnosed against the background of generalized osteochondrosis. The course of the disease was accompanied by prolonged severe pain in the lumbar spine. There was little numbness of fingers, shot in the lumbar, irradiation on the outer part of the thigh. During the consultation, signs of shoulder-to-shoulder periarthritis of the left shoulder were identified. As a result of prolonged pains in the lower back, muscles of the lumbar spine, part of the spinal muscles and hip muscles were in a state of hypertension. Explicit pain symptoms were accompanied by deterioration of general well-being, reduced motor activity, and fatigue at work.

    Lilia Spondylosis

    The purpose of rehabilitation:

    • withdrawal of acute pain symptoms
    • removal of hypertonic spasm of the muscles of the lumbar, sphincter muscles, hip muscles
    • decompression of intervertebral discs of segments L3-S1
    • elongation of the spine (traction)
    • creation of conditions for balanced development of deep muscle of the spine
    • restoration of the mobility of the shoulder joint
    • training for observing the orthopedic regime
    • creation of an individual program for independent classes

    Individual program was based on the course: “Treatment of intervertebral hernia without surgery”

    Appointed treatment program

    The program duration is 75 days. The program included:

    • restorative kinesiotherapy – 5 classes
    • sessions on the device for pulling the spine – 60 classes
    • therapeutic massage – 10 sessions
    • functional training for independent classes

    In the first and second weeks of the course, a program was used to relax and remove the hypertonic spasm of the spinal muscles and muscles of the lumbar. In the event of a slight discomfort during exercises on the device for stretching after the class, a therapeutic prophylactic massage was used. The massage removed excessive stress in spasmodic muscles and improved blood flow and lymph flow. The acuity of pain symptoms began to manifest itself much less frequently. At the beginning of the third week of the course, complaints of discomfort in the shoulder joint were stopped. The third week of the course significantly improved the state of health. Pain has worried less and less often. Restored sleep mode, increased efficiency. The fourth to fifth week of the course was practically without discomfort. The patient could independently carry out an average rehab program. In the last weeks of the course, the main emphasis in the program was given to consolidate the result, training the program for independent classes.


    At the end of the course, all goals were achieved. In the process of rehabilitation the balance of work of all systems of an organism has been restored. What does normalization of metabolic processes and natural weight loss mean?

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