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Treatment of osteochondrosis

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

About the disease

Osteochondrosis – dystrophic damage to the tissues, which are characterized by lesions of the intervertebral discs, adjacent articular surfaces and vertebral bodies, spinal ligament. As in any joint of the body, degenerative changes due to natural aging occur in the vertebrae or facet joints throughout life. The most common cause of osteochondrosis is the reduction in the thickness of the intervertebral discs due to natural wear, dehydration, due to the occurrence of intervertebral disc herniation, protrusions, or as a result of surgical intervention to remove intervertebral hernias, protrusions. Reducing the height of the intervertebral disk of the spine by a few millimeters leads to an increase in the load on the facet joints a few times. The pressure on the intervertebral disc increases with overweight, poorly trained maintenance of the muscles, and osteoporosis. . In the segments of the spine undergoing overload there are osteophyte reactions (sedimentation of salts). In facet joints under the influence of pressure, sharp movements in the cartilages appear microtraumas, tears. Some substances that must be removed from the body are not processed while remaining in the tissues of the joints. These “residues” form neoplasms on the body of the vertebrae, which again leads to damage and limitation of the function of the cartilaginous tissue between the vertebrae. Reducing the functionality of the joints of the spine and the accumulation of “excess” tissue in the spinal canal and in the intervertebral openings lead to pressure on the spinal cord and nerve “spines”, which in turn leads to pain symptoms.


Symptoms of osteochondrosis

  • Back pain that appears when you have a load
  • Pains appear in the morning, immediately after lifting, when the spine after a long rest feels the weight of its own body, which exerts pressure on the sick, worn intervertebral discs
  • Prolonged pain in the back or neck, which increases when it is forced in one posture
  • Back pain in back and forth
  • Lumbar pain, discomfort and tenderness when regurgitation
  • The pain that gives the crotch, limbs, to the pelvic organs
  • Shot and disturbance of sensitivity in the limbs
  • Hypotrophy
  • Hypotonia
  • Weakness of the muscles that are innervated by the nerves of the back
  • Decrease of reflexes, numbness, ants, tingling, sensation of chilliness in limbs
  • Shot in the back, after overcooling or overstrain of the spinal muscles

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Diagnosis of osteochondrosis

When symptoms of back pain, acute back pain or prolonged back pain, you must register with a neurologist for consultation. At the consultation, the spine will be diagnosed. The doctor will review, examine the history of the disease and the causes of back pain. Writes direction on MRI (photograph of one or more spine divisions). Will develop a program for the treatment of osteochondrosis.


Treatment of osteochondrosis

The program may include medical physical education, restorative kinesiotherapy, complex therapeutic massage. Drug treatment is NOT a complete treatment for the treatment of osteochondrosis. To restore the metabolic processes in the deep tissues of the spine you need a gentle motor activity on the simulator for pulling and strengthening the muscles of the spine. The diagnosis of “osteochondrosis”, “generalized osteochondrosis” (common osteochondrosis on all parts of the spine) is posed by the doctor after consultation, referral to the MRI or X-ray is also prescribed by the doctor. Do not practice self-medication.


Feedback from our customers

Stories of recovery

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Історія пацієнта Діана прийшла із скаргами на головокружіння, головний біль. Виникав дискомфорт в області серця, стан тривоги. Порушився режим сну, спостерігалася загальна слабкість,  ...

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The site read that you need to practice practically every day for three to nine weeks. Why so often and for so long? ps: I have thoracic and cervical osteochondrosis, but only disturbs the neck, a feeling that compresses blood vessels, and sometimes, especially after a dream, I can not turn or lower the neck to the right.

Thank you for your question. Daily classes are caused by natural biorhythms of man – every day the body must move, get food and rest. With daily schedule, we not only seek maximum response of the body to stimulation, but also accustom it to timely and continuously react and correct changes in the natural state of the spine.

Almost a sedentary way of life and the fact that we NEVER timely pay attention to the warnings that are given to us by our back, we subconsciously suppress the ability of the body to recover. Our centers are not interested in creating a base of “regular” clients, as practiced by many neurological clinics, stretching, for example, the process of treating osteochondrosis for several years with the obligatory visit of a certain number of specialists 2-3 times a year.

To some extent, we share the position of such clinics, based, first of all, on the patient’s desire to “get health fast, now and today – thus, the patient is getting today” simple analgesics or “pleasant massages” without realizing that structural pathologies can be fixed with the help of medicines, injections, massages, etc. – it’s impossible.

Back pain, pain in the neck, chest, lumbar will necessarily return, and again you will be ready to “spend for treatment for a maximum of two days”. Therefore, often our patients become those who have already experienced enough species and methods of treatment, and finally took the responsibility for their health, are ready to deal with their illness once and for all. I wish you also to make the right decision when choosing a method of treating osteochondrosis!


I am very often worried about severe headaches, I have to undergo a course of massage 2-3 times a year, after which the pain is briefly relieved. The masseur talks about pinching of the cervical vertebrae (which can cause frequent headaches), which are put in place during each session. Do you treat the cervical spine and how long does the spinal treatment take?

The method and device “Cypress” restores the functions of all parts of the spine (including the cervical spine). During the execution of slow, balanced movements, breathing movements, the subluxations of the vertebral segments are eliminated, the deep (short) muscles of the back are restored and strengthened, which form a natural “corset” (against the background of natural stimulation of the metabolic process in the tissues of the back and the body as a whole).

Thus, the infringements of the nerve roots, which lead to discomfort and pain in the cervical spine, shoulders, chest, the emergence of vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuralgia and radiculitis are eliminated naturally. The treatment time depends on the general condition of the person, on the mobility in the joints, on the state of the muscles in the body and can be from one to three courses (3-9 weeks) of 30-90 minute sessions.

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