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Treatment of flatbed

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

About the disease

Flatfoot is a violation of the natural foot biomechanics, the consolidation of the arch of the foot, which is accompanied by a significant violation of the foot biomechanics.

  Distinguish the longitudinal flattening – deformation along the foot, and transverse flat stomatal – deformation across the foot. Changes in the foot often combine – the longitudinal flatness is supplemented by transverse and vice versa. In the process of reducing the footwell, the damping properties of the lower extremities are violated. Load on walking is transferred to the joints above – knee – hip – joints of the spine. The stop stops performing the main function – the balance of the body.


Symptoms and causes of flatulence in children and adults

The body of the foot is formed in childhood. Factors for the appearance of flatness are caused genetically or physiologically. Flatbed – it’s the effects of wearing shoes (constructed without orthopedic principles) – shoes restricts the ability of the foot to actively adjust to the natural relief of different surfaces. Lack of proper physical load on the foot, restriction of amplitude mobility – the main causes of flatness. For prophylaxis of flatbed you need a program of motor activity for all muscles and joints in the foot. Exercises are performed WITHOUT shoes on natural non-flat surfaces.

The best prevention of flatbeds for children is physical activity on the sea pebble. With such activity, the foot works in all projections, an active corrective massage of foot tissues (muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons) takes place. The correct set of foot is formed. At flat foot there are changes in the ankle and knee joints, in the line of the hips, which leads to changes in posture and curvature of the spine. Children rarely pay attention to pain in the foot. The child tries to compensate for the situation, which becomes uncomfortable, due to changes in the angle of the foot. Thus, the balance of the muscles of the entire body is rebuilt. However, there may be rotations (compensatory) in the joints, starting with the foot and ankle joint and rising above.

  Symptoms for flat feet:

  • Pain or weakness in the foot
  • Seizures in the muscles of the foot and legs
  • Seizures in the muscles of the toes


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Diagnosis of flatbed in children and adults

For diagnostics of flatbed it is better to turn to the orthopedic doctor. Preventive checks for a child should be performed annually from the moment the child starts to walk. Consequences of flat feet are found in adulthood, problems with the foot associated with the appearance of back pain, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis of the hip joints. You need to sign up for a consultation to clarify the causes and receive a flatbed treatment program if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Inclination of heel inside
  • Walking on the socks
  • Discomfort or changes in progress
  • Discomfort when wearing and changing shoes
  • Reducing energy during physical activity

Treatment of flatbed

 Take a review of the orthopedic. The doctor will examine the shape of the foot, check the condition of the connective-muscular apparatus. Conduct tests. If necessary, he will write direction to X-ray or MRI. Flatbed is subject to exclusively complex treatment:

  • Therapeutic physical training for the feet and the whole body
  • Stop massage
  • Orthopedic instruments (insole, lining)

Feedback from our customers

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