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Kyiv: Obolon, Pozniaky, Troieshchyna, Teremky-2. Lutsk
Kyiv: New center on Lomonosova, 46/1 ☆☆ New Center on О. Pchilki, 6 ☆☆ New Center at Hradynska, 3 ☆☆☆ New Center in Lutsk ☆☆ New Center in Chernihiv ☆☆ June 10 opening - New Center in Lviv

Symptomsyou will get rid of

Pain symptoms are health indicators. Discomfort and pain, occurring periodically, signal us to violate any function of the body. By timely responding to such signals, we can not allow development of the disease.

Записатися на консультацію

Treatment of the spine in Kiev-Lutsk-Chernihiv

You will restore the function of the spine with back pain, posture, joints and back muscles.

Healthy backbone is a healthy life! Disruption of the spine can lead not only to back pain, but also to a number of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms:

  • headaches
  • tachycardia
  • severity in the chest
  • vegetative dystonia
  • total fatigue
  • bad health
  • worsening mood
  • muscle spasm
  • numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes

  We will return you to high-quality life without pain using a range of exercises for extracting / extracting the spine, restorative kinesiotherapy (RKT) and massage. Intervertebral hernias and protrusions, osteochondrosis, VSD, radiculitis, neuralgia, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, ishias, lumbalgia, Bechterev’s disease (ankylosing spondylitis) – are successfully treated in the center WITHOUT MEDICINES AND OPERATIONS.

Particular attention is a violation of posture, scoliosis in children and adults, since unbalanced development of muscle corset back develops spine diseases.

It is much easier and faster to prevent the development of violations than to correct them at an older age.  



Basic techniques of the center:

  • Renewal kinesiotherapy (RKT)
    Extractor on simulator “Cypress”
    Complex-therapeutic massage

  Renewal kinesiotherapy (RKT) – course of individual lessons (30-60 minutes) for children and adults with a rehab at the crossover simulators. Special exercises with a nominal point load on the muscles and joints of the musculoskeletal system allow you to transfer the load from the places of localization of pain to the adjacent muscles and joints. Create and train muscle corset back. An indispensable technique for post-traumatic rehabilitation of the hip, knee joints, shoulder joints and forearms. A favorite technique for athletes. If you have never visited a gym, then after our course you will not need an individual trainer – you can independently determine the type and extent of the load to maintain the optimal physical form.

  The extractor on the device “Cypress” will help to form the correct posture in children from 5 years, stop the development of distortions of the spine, make a correction of posture, teach the muscles of the back to develop balanced and harmoniously. Sometimes it is enough to go through a few short courses on vacation so that the child gets used to the correct posture that is not hanging, not bent down in school. The simulator and the technique “Cypress” rank first among all known techniques in Ukraine and abroad in the treatment of scoliosis 1-4 degrees. Classes pass without pain, without physical overload – the result is already in the first weeks of classes (photo results can be found in the reviews).

  Complex-therapeutic massage – massage is an integral part of any rehabilitation program of the musculoskeletal system. The manual influence on soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia) tones up, relieves swelling, inflammation, restores blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes, relieves stress / spasms in places of pain localization. Get a segmental (massage of certain areas or areas of the body) or a general massage. Take a massage of the foot, relax after sports exercises with the help of sports massage.

  In addition to classical massage techniques, every rehab team has its own individual equipment. You will definitely find your “specialist”.

The complex effect on the body during the course of classes will relieve you of back pain, fatigue, headache, migraine, pain in the hip joint, knee and shoulder joints. You will be able to move comfortably, a long time to sit in the car or in the office at your desk, you can quickly climb the steps and get less tired. Close and colleagues will immediately notice your slim back and a great mood.


Feedback from our customers

Stories of recovery

Біль у шиї

Історія пацієнта Андрій прийшов з біллю у шийному відділі, який віддавав у ліву руку та посилювався при рухах рукою. Також спостерігалося оніміння пальців рук й турбував головний біль вночі. ...

Вегето-судинна дистонія

Історія пацієнта Діана прийшла із скаргами на головокружіння, головний біль. Виникав дискомфорт в області серця, стан тривоги. Порушився режим сну, спостерігалася загальна слабкість,  ...

Scoliosis in a child

Patient History: Dmitry needed to correct distortion of the spine and relieve neck pain.   ...

Intercostal neuralgia

Patient History: Julia, 45 years old, complained of a strong pain below the right shoulder blade, which was healed on the right side of the chest and intensified during deep breathing, with his hands ...

Myofascial syndrome

Patient History: Olga, 28 years old – suffered from aching pain in the lumbar, limitation of mobility in the lumbar spine. Bil was significantly increased during the wearing of a small child in ...

Breach of posture

Patient History: Sergei, 28 years old – complained of heaviness and pain in the shoulders and neck, rapid fatigue at the beginning of the day, dizziness. There was a stiffness.   ...


Patient History Vladimir, 65 years old – came with a strong backache in the right leg. There was a numbness of the thigh, legs, and feet in the right leg, and in the left leg it was weakness. Al...

Correction of posture

Patient History Sergey V. came to the primary consultation in our center with complaints of abnormal posture and periodic pulling pain in the shoulders and neck. In spite of a very active lifestyle, s...

Intervertebral hernia

Patient History Anatoliy Mikhailovich, 59 years old, came to the Center on the recommendation of the daughter of Alexandra, who has already undergone a course on the restoration of the spine. Alexande...

Back pain

Patient History Anatoly turned to the “Spine Ambulatory” for correction of posture. Scoliostic posture was formed as a result of the “sedentary” way of life. The work of the pr...

Work in the office and breach of duty

Patient History Lilia (36 years old) came to the consultation in the “Spine Ambulatory” with pictures of MRI of the lumbar department, where spondylosis, intervertebral hernias of the spin...

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