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Spondylolisthesis (lysthesis) treatment

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

A century of technology development inevitably entails an increase in joint and spine disease. The picture emerges, the greater the human achievement, the worse the musculoskeletal system. The problem is gaining ground, affecting more and more children and adolescents. From now on, there are often diagnoses in hospitals that were previously common to adults and the elderly.

What is spondylolisthesis, where it comes from and whether it can be cured without surgery – let’s look at this article.

What is spondylolisthesis?

Spondylolisthesis (spinal leaf lysis) – change of the correct location (displacement) of the spine forward or backward relative to the lower one. This phenomenon affects the cervical and lumbar spine. This is explained by the greatest mobility of these departments, which receive the highest vertical load.

When the disease occurs, one or more vertebrae can shift, causing excessive compression of the nerve and rebalancing the load distribution during movements. Changing their location causes damage to the intervertebral discs.

Causes of development

There are several causes that can cause lumbar disease:

  • heavy physical labor, lifting heavy;
  • injured spine;
  • horizontal position of hernia;
  • underdevelopment or degeneration of the joints;
  • weak muscle corset muscle tone and stabilizer muscle.

In the long absence of treatment, the disease gains development, deforming the spine, causing narrowing of the canal and compression of nerve roots.


This form of the disease is characterized by a congenital gorge of the vertebra and a difference of two vertebrae in different directions. This is an anatomical violation of the laid relations in the segmental joint of the “pillar”.


False displacement of vertebrae is most commonly observed in muscle pathologies and ligaments. Unstable functioning of the spine leads to muscular imbalance, causing displacement of the vertebrae.

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Symptoms of listosis

Most people may not suspect that they have a disease such as spondylolisthesis until they experience certain symptoms:

  • pain in the hands, causing numbness and weakness of the extremities;
  • headache;
  • increased cervical and lumbar divisions under heavy load;
  • increasing pain during stretching or rotation of the lumbar region;
  • limitation of physical activity due to localization of movements of “pillar”;
  • a significant decrease in the sensitivity of the legs, damage to the functioning of the hip joints;
  • leg pain, which causes them to bend in their knees and step on one line (as if on a rope).

Spondylolisthesis is able to visually alter the appearance of a person. In the inferior cases, there is a contraction of the body, enlargement of the breast kyphosis and lumbar lordosis.

Treatment of spondylolisthesis without surgery

For a complete recovery from this disease treatment is recommended to start at the initial stage of its development. Fully stable functioning of the vertebrae with even a single offset is unrealistic. Twice a year inspections should be carried out and the musculoskeletal system strengthened, preventing further landslides.

There are 2 options for treating the effects of spondylolisthesis:

  • conservative methods;
  • surgery.

The vast majority of conservative methods aim to reduce pain through the use of painkillers. Such treatment reduces the inflammatory process in the cartilage, which invariably accompanies the listosis. Assistance without surgery involves the use of RKT (restorative kinesiotherapy), traction-decompression therapy at IP Cypress, massage and manual correction necessary to return the spine to its place and strengthen the muscles around it.

Spondylolisthesis requires comprehensive treatment and proper selection of therapy. If you experience spinal pain, consult a neurologist, vertebologist. Only a specialist can determine the diagnosis and offer effective treatment. Do not bring the disease to a critical state: you have experienced certain symptoms – go to the doctor!

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