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Spinal Stenosis

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

About the disease

Stenting (Greek narrow, close) – narrowing the anatomical lumen. Spinal stenosis (spinal stenosis) – a disease in which the gradual narrowing of the vertebral canal occurs. Due to excessive loading, metabolic disorders, osteophytes (bone growths) that narrow the spinal canal due to infection or back injury in the vertebral segments. The facet joints also increase as a result of arthrosis, which helps to reduce the space for normal functioning of the nerve roots. The spine ties, especially the yellow bundle, become rigid, less flexible, and thicken, increase over the years, which also helps to narrow the vertebral canal.

Symptoms of vertebral canal stenosis

In the complex, these processes make such a narrow vertebrate channel that the conduction of nerve impulses is interrupted by pressure on the nerve roots and the spinal cord. For example, in the lumbar region there are painful symptoms, somewhat similar to the symptoms of ischias. Since all the limbs and internal organs of the body are innervated (receive impulses) through the nerve roots coming from each segment of the spine, respectively, the symptoms of spine stenosis (the presence of narrowing and compression on the spinal cord in any of the spine) can affect motor activity , sensitivity of limbs, work of internal organs. Stenosis of the vertebral canal is divided into three types:

  • cervical stenosis
  • chest stenosis
  • lumbar stenosis

Symptoms of vertebral canal stenosis:

Neck stenosis:

  • Feeling heaviness in the legs
  • Inability to walk fast
  • Deterioration of fine motor skills (handwritten input or locking of a shirt)
  • Interrupted shots of pain in the hands and feet (especially when headed forward
  • Hand pain (cervical radiculopathy)

Chest stenosis of the spine (diagnosed less frequently than stenosis in the cervical and lumbar regions):

  • Problems with the sensitivity of the upper chest and area around the shoulder blades
  • Weakness of the muscles, especially in the legs.
  • Problems with walking and maintaining balance.

Lumbar spine stenosis:

  • Strong pain in the legs (hips) (as with inflammation of the sciatic nerve)
  • Lumbar pain that falls during a sloping or sitting position
  • Pain While Walking
  • Full or partial stop control
  • Feeling of numbness of the legs
  • Problems with urinary control

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Diagnosis of stenosis

For the diagnosis of vertebral stenosis, images of MRI that help determine the cause and extent of spine stenosis are suitable. And also the advice of a competent doctor, who can correctly interpret the pictures and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Stenosis treatment

It should not be delayed with treatment of vertebral canal stenosis, as the consequences can be quite serious – motor activity, sensitivity of the arms and legs deteriorates, and the work of internal organs becomes more complicated. Specialists of “Spine Ambulatory” will select for you an individual program for recovery using kinesiotherapy (motion therapy) and training on a special simulator.

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