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Spinal column

    Хребетний стовпThe spine is located between the skull and the pelvis and consists of 33-34 bones called vertebrae. Vertebrae form groups of four parts of the back:

    Cervical – consists of 7 vertebrae.

    Thoracic – consists of 12 vertebrae.

    Lumbar – consists of 5-6 vertebrae.

    Sacral department – consists of 5 fused vertebrae.

    Coccyx – consists of 3 fused vertebrae.

    Шийний відділ

    The cervical spine is divided into two parts: the upper (C1 and C2), and the lower neck (from C3 to C7). C1 – called “Atlas”, and C2 – “Axis”. Occipital (C0), also known as the occipital bone, is a flat bone that forms the back of the head.


    Atlant (C1)

    Atlant – the first cervical vertebra – abbreviated C1. This vertebra supports the skull. Its appearance is different from other spinal vertebrae. Atlas Atlant is an annular bone that has two massive lateral joints that connect to the front and rear using the front and rear arches.

    Axis (C2)

    The second cervical vertebra is C2. Has a tooth of an axial vertebra. The connection of the tooth with the “Atlantom” provides the function of turning the neck – allows the head to rotate on the tooth.

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