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Special Offer!

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    Methods of treatment

    01Natural extraction, strengthening and correction of the spine on the medical spinal, vertebrologic arc “KIPARIS”.

    Several thousands patients (whole families) could feel the benefits by treating the spine on “KIPARIS” arc. Before|after photos are available on our website gallery. 

    02We added another effective method in the course – Complex Therapeutic Massage.

    Massage helps relax muscles, joints both during the sessions on KIPARIS arc or VKT. Massage really helps not only to treat back pain, but also to treat the whole body. 

    03Supplements the complex – Rehabilitation Kinesiotherapy (RKT). The technique is also known as Mechanotherapy or Kinesiotherapy (Physio Therapy).

    The essence of the technique –  to restore the musculoskeletal system’s functions  interacting with the nervous system – an individual course of exercises on crossover simulators, which is carried out under the supervision of a physical therapist. The course takes into account the  patient’s goals, works to strengthen muscles and joints, improves the mobility of joints, relieves pain, fatigue, increases the overall body tone.

    Center Benefits

    Convenient scheduleThe best complex treatmentSafely
    No pain and no medicineGetting rid of acute back painFor any age

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