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Poor posture

    Patient History:

    Sergei, 28 years old – complained of heaviness and pain in the shoulders and neck, rapid fatigue at the beginning of the day, dizziness. There was a stiffness.

    The purpose of rehabilitation:

    • Elimination of pain and discomfort
    • Balancing of the muscles of the back and joints
    • Restoration of the capacity for labor

    Treatment program:

    • 12 exercises for the restoration of spine functions
    • 45 exercises for elbowing the spine and regenerating discs
    • 10 sessions of massage for the removal of muscle spasms and blood circulation improvement


    • Slouching removed.
    • Muscle pain has resumed.
    • Posture resting.
    • Line of shoulder and shoulder blend symmetrical.
    • Shoulders opened.
    • Balanced work of groups of muscles of the back and joints.

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