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Shot on the back and extremities

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

The “Spine Ambulatory” Center will take preventive measures to avoid attacks, as well as help relieve pain symptoms and cure stroke.

About the symptom

Shot is a sudden, sharp and acute pain that manifests itself in the back and extremities and restricts human movement. The most common occurrence occurs when lifting unusual burdens, but pain may also occur after a long sitting or abrupt change in body position. The pain in the shot may occur and not sharply, but most often the situation becomes aggravated when the shape of the vertebrae is altered and their mobility decreases or is limited, which leads to the closure of the nerve endings and the appearance of acute pain. Therefore, when exposed, pain may be felt in the “cell” (eg, in the back of the neck), but also in the leg or hand.

Causes of sputum in the back and extremities

The causes behind the shooting in the back are quite diverse and often not a consequence of the disease, but a consequence of lifestyle.

Doctors classify the following main causes of shots:

  • sciatica
  • osteochondrosis
  • intervertebral hernias
  • spondylosis
  • wearing heeled shoes
  • displacement of the center of gravity during pregnancy
  • overcooling injury
  • weight gain (up to obesity)
  • sedentary lifestyle.

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Shots in the hands and legs arise for the same reasons that they are shot in the back. However, with a more thorough analysis, experts often find out that the root cause of pain is a problem with the back, and subsequently symptoms begin to manifest in the limbs. If the shot is not strong, then the pain can be removed, lying on an even solid surface. At the same time, your feet need to have a bit higher, for example, put on a roller or pillow. In this position, the back relaxes, and a sharp pain passes. However, when shot back in the back, it is also necessary to turn to specialists, as with osteochondrosis or hernia. Indeed, the lack of qualified assistance can lead to complications, and it is often impossible to independently diagnose the causes of attacks (only consequences can be seen). The most effective and competent treatment you will be able to appoint a doctor after consultation.

Treatment of shots

Anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs eliminate pain, but do not act on the cause and shots arise again. Therefore, we recommend getting rid of the causes of exposure in the most effective and safe way, without medication. Only such methods of treatment are used in the “Spine Ambulatory”.

Shots are treated:

  • complex therapeutic massages;
  • occupations on special simulators;
  • Individually selected courses of treatment

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