Myofascial syndrome

    Patient History:

    Olga, 28 years old – suffered from aching pain in the lumbar, limitation of mobility in the lumbar spine. Bil was significantly increased during the wearing of a small child in his arms.


    The purpose of rehabilitation:

    • To remove muscular hypertonum in the lumbar spine.
    • Improve blood supply to soft tissues.
    • To strengthen muscles of the spine.


    Treatment program:

    • 24 classes to restore spine function
    • 10 massage sessions to remove spasms of the muscles and improve blood circulation



    • Normalized muscle tone
    • Deprivation from persistent pain
    • Increased body movement amplitude
    • Significantly improved mood and psycho-emotional state
    • Increased endurance during childbirth and feeding


      Знижка 57%

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