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Kyiv: Obolon, Pozniaky, Troieshchyna, Teremky-2. Lutsk
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Diseasesthat we treat

The disease is the body's response to the environmental factors and the way of life. It is characterized by a partial or complete lack of functioning of systems or organs of a person.

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  Everyone sooner or later fill back pain, pain in the muscles and joints during his life.

  Pain appears both during  fitness exercises or sports games, and for those people who have a sedentary lifestyle. The cause of pain in both cases is overload. Overload can be called any movement that you perform without pre-training.

  So, a jog without preparation for a short or long distance for tomorrow can be affected by the appearance of pain in the muscles of the legs. A long sitting in a static position in front of the computer will overload the back muscles, which we use to maintain the usual position of the body on the chair.

  It would seem that when the body is not move, the muscles should not be strained, as with active sports.

  The fact is that any position of the body is created and held by the muscles. Muscles are always working! The lack of sufficient trenirovannosti leads to the fact that the muscles do not have enough time to recover. They are faster and more often tired. Such “fatigue” is characterized by internal damage to the muscular and connective tissue, inflammations, edema.

  Stretching of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, damage to the cartilaginous tissue in the joints are reflected in the work of the musculoskeletal system. Few painful symptoms have attracted our attention until the pain becomes constant and acute (chronic). Chronic pain indicates a current illness.

  Register today for a consultation in the “Spine Ambulatory”!

  The doctor will conduct a review, functional diagnosis of muscles and joints, and study the history of the disease. Offers an individual program.

The comprehensive rehabilitation technique will help restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system and the health of the whole body.

You will be fully able to do sports, fitness, you will improve posture, fatigue will disappear, general health will improve.




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Stories of recovery

Біль у шиї

Історія пацієнта Андрій прийшов з біллю у шийному відділі, який віддавав у ліву руку та посилювався при рухах рукою. Також спостерігалося оніміння пальців рук й турбував головний біль вночі. ...

Вегето-судинна дистонія

Історія пацієнта Діана прийшла із скаргами на головокружіння, головний біль. Виникав дискомфорт в області серця, стан тривоги. Порушився режим сну, спостерігалася загальна слабкість,  ...

Scoliosis in a child

Patient History: Dmitry needed to correct distortion of the spine and relieve neck pain.   ...

Intercostal neuralgia

Patient History: Julia, 45 years old, complained of a strong pain below the right shoulder blade, which was healed on the right side of the chest and intensified during deep breathing, with his hands ...

Myofascial syndrome

Patient History: Olga, 28 years old – suffered from aching pain in the lumbar, limitation of mobility in the lumbar spine. Bil was significantly increased during the wearing of a small child in ...

Breach of posture

Patient History: Sergei, 28 years old – complained of heaviness and pain in the shoulders and neck, rapid fatigue at the beginning of the day, dizziness. There was a stiffness.   ...


Patient History Vladimir, 65 years old – came with a strong backache in the right leg. There was a numbness of the thigh, legs, and feet in the right leg, and in the left leg it was weakness. Al...

Correction of posture

Patient History Sergey V. came to the primary consultation in our center with complaints of abnormal posture and periodic pulling pain in the shoulders and neck. In spite of a very active lifestyle, s...

Intervertebral hernia

Patient History Anatoliy Mikhailovich, 59 years old, came to the Center on the recommendation of the daughter of Alexandra, who has already undergone a course on the restoration of the spine. Alexande...

Back pain

Patient History Anatoly turned to the “Spine Ambulatory” for correction of posture. Scoliostic posture was formed as a result of the “sedentary” way of life. The work of the pr...

Work in the office and breach of duty

Patient History Lilia (36 years old) came to the consultation in the “Spine Ambulatory” with pictures of MRI of the lumbar department, where spondylosis, intervertebral hernias of the spin...

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