Correction of posture -

Correction of posture

    Patient History


    Sergey V. came to the primary consultation in our center with complaints of abnormal posture and periodic pulling pain in the shoulders and neck. In spite of a very active lifestyle, soccer and running, in the last few months there was a discomfort in the collar area, shoulders. A stifle formed. The main reason, as it turned out, was the new work in the office. Prolonged, uncomfortable position when working on a computer led to a breakdown of muscle balance – a changed line of shoulders, shoulder blades. Maintaining a neck for a long period of time in one position has led to overloading of the neck muscles. There was a slight spasm of the neck muscles until the end of the day.

    Correction of posture

    The purpose of rehabilitation

    The purpose of the rehab was marked:

    • removal of pain symptoms in the neck area
    • withdrawal of general discomfort and tiredness in the back
    • restoration of muscle back balance
    • correction of line of shoulders and shoulder blades
    • general strengthening of the musculoskeletal system

    Appointed treatment program

    After reviewing and conducting functional tests, an individual program based on the course “Preparing the back for the office” lasted 45 days. The program included:

    • restorative kinesiotherapy (VKT) – 12 sessions
    • sessions on the device for stretching the spine and correction – 45 sessions
    • complex therapeutic massage – 10 sessions

    Starting from the first week of the course there was a decrease in the severity of pain symptoms. At the second and third weeks there were positive changes in the muscles of the back. In the last weeks of the course, the emphasis in the program has been given to consolidating the result.


    At the end of the course, all goals were achieved. Sergey passed an individual training for self-support of posture. Received the necessary recommendations for working with the spine.

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