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Correct bad posture and curls

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

Most of us do not think how much the wrong posture affects the overall well-being, the health of the whole body, the quality of life.

About the symptom

Most of us do not think how much the wrong posture affects the overall well-being, the health of the whole body, the quality of life. Painful symptoms in the back that arise as a result of improper posture, sprain on localization occupy a very wide range – from widespread pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck to headache and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. The process of change of posture acts like a spiral: for example, the existing flat-plate changes the ratio of loads from the ankle, which “twists on the helix” are higher than the joints, compensating for the functionality of the entire locomotor apparatus reaching the cervical spine.

  Signs of changes in the locomotor system affecting posture

  • knees wrapped inside
  • rounded back
  • prominent stomach and buttocks
  • prominent or shifted shovels
  • sloping shoulders
  • flatfoot
  • symmetrically or asymmetrically raised shoulders
  • head shifted forward with respect to the shoulder line
  • the half of the basin is raised up

  Wrong posture, stitch make additional work for the whole body. During the day we constantly have to choose for ourselves “comfortable” position of the body, in order to avoid the appearance of pain symptoms in this or that kind of activity. In this way, the body is often in a state of stress when it consumes more energy to perform the same work. Common fatigue occurs faster and more often than before, disturbed sleep – there is a syndrome of chronic fatigue.


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As a consequence of posture impairment, scoliosis can develop (especially in children), there is a risk of dystrophic changes in the ankle, knee and hip joint.


Treatment of stinginess and correction of poor posture

The method of “Spine Ambulatory” offers a special postural correction course that relieves pain in children and adults, allows you to balance physical activity, restores normal sleep and relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. Comfortable restoration is correctly posed with exercise therapy, kinesiotherapy (VKT), massage sessions and osteopathy.


Feedback from our customers

Stories of recovery

Біль у шиї

Історія пацієнта Андрій прийшов з біллю у шийному відділі, який віддавав у ліву руку та посилювався при рухах рукою. Також спостерігалося оніміння пальців рук й турбував головний біль вночі. ...

Вегето-судинна дистонія

Історія пацієнта Діана прийшла із скаргами на головокружіння, головний біль. Виникав дискомфорт в області серця, стан тривоги. Порушився режим сну, спостерігалася загальна слабкість,  ...

Scoliosis in a child

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Patient History: Sergei, 28 years old – complained of heaviness and pain in the shoulders and neck, rapid fatigue at the beginning of the day, dizziness. There was a stiffness.   ...


Patient History Vladimir, 65 years old – came with a strong backache in the right leg. There was a numbness of the thigh, legs, and feet in the right leg, and in the left leg it was weakness. Al...

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Back pains do not bother me, but I would like to correct my posture (I have strongly stooped for many years, which as a result affected uneven shoulders, strong stooping, etc.). Will cypress help in my case?

In your case, it is best to come to the consultation, because difficult to judge the state of the back with the words. The reasons for the violation of posture and the consequences of poor posture are many.

With most of these causes and consequences, our outpatient clinic successfully copes. We also cope with other reasons, but time already plays a role here. It is impossible to correct the pathologies accumulated over the years for a month. Be ready for this.

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