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Bechterev's disease (Ankylosing spondylitis)

"Spine Ambulatory" guarantees elimination pain symptomatology and the effects of the disease under conditions of treatment.

About the disease

Bechterev’s Disease (Rheumatoid Spondylitis / Ankylosing Spondylitis) – a disease that causes inflammation in the spine – causes pain and stiffness in the back, as a result of inflammation in the sacro-iliac, vertebral and vertebral joints. In the process of the disease involved internal organs (heart, kidneys, lungs). The effects of inflammation form an environment for splice (ankylosis)

Bechterev’s disease is a disease whose symptoms may appear at the age of 15 years. Due to loss of elasticity of the connection and mobility of the joints of the movement become more painful and difficult.

The disease begins with sacral and iliac bone, extends to the lumbar spine and progresses to the upper part of the back, chest, and neck. At the last stage of the disease, complete ossification of vertebral joints occurs. The effects of ossification can appear on the edges, limiting the mobility and volume of the chest, which leads to difficulties in the process of breathing.

Arthritis of peripheral joints (hip joint, shoulder joint, knee and ankle) are diagnosed in more than half of patients with AS and may indicate the diagnosis and development of Bechterev’s Disease.

According to recent studies, Bekhterev’s disease has a tendency to develop in the family and is diagnosed three times more often in men than in women. At Bekhterev’s Disease, life-threatening complications may occur. Such complications constitute the greatest danger for heart and aorta affection – in 20% of patients there is shortness of breath, there arise pain and trouble in the work of the heart. In one third of patients, the disease leads to chronic renal failure. Reducing chest motility contributes to the development of pulmonary diseases.

Symptoms of Bechterev’s Disease (AS)

  • At the beginning of the disease, half of the patients are inflamed eyes (redness and feeling of “sand in the eyes”), a higher body temperature remains
  • Periodic pain in the lumbar spine is usually the most acute in the morning
  • Lumbar pain after prolonged inactivity (after sleep)
  • Lumbar pain is accompanied by edema and pain in one or more joints
  • Rigidity and limitation of mobility of the lumbar spine
  • Pain during breathing and limitation of the expansion of the chest during breathing
  • Concomitant arthritis in the shoulder, knee, hip and knee joints
  • Kifos (spine curvature) at the advanced stage, due to chronic sotulism
  • Deformation of the hip joint with limitation of joint function
  • Total fatigue, lack of appetite, fever, weight loss

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Diagnosis of Bechterev’s Diseases

Diagnosis Bechterev’s disease (Ankylosing spondylitis) is a method of studying the history of the patient’s illness, using X-rays and MRI images. Directions for analyzes.

Treatment of the disease

The main rule in the treatment of Bechterev’s disease – treatment should begin with the appearance of the first symptoms before the ossification of the inflamed joints and the entire spine begins. Non-medicated treatment of peptic ulcer in the back ambulance is aimed at slowing down and stopping the ossification of the spine and joining the intervertebral joints and disks, restoring metabolism and natural posture. Slow motion and natural stretching of the spine hinders the process of “augmentation” of vertebrae to one another, turning natural flexibility and mobility. Correct breathing during exercises helps to maximize the use of chest motility and maintains normal lung capacity. Slow movements reduce pain and stiffness in the lower back and joints. Supports the mobility of the joints and increases the flexibility of the back. During the classes there is a soft, painless stretching of the muscles and joints, without discomfort. The habit of maintaining the correct posture is formed – the vertical position of the spine is one of the best habits of a person living with the AS. It should be noted that It is especially important to follow the recommendations every day. The patient should understand that with each passing day in the joints a new part of the bone is formed that will restrict their mobility!

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