Anatomy of the back -

Anatomy of the back

    Understanding the anatomy of the back and how your spine works helps you understand the causes of many back problems that occur as a result of pathologies, aging, or injury. The back is a very important part of our body – it is the center of coordination of all movements; here the balance of the back, head, shoulders is formed and maintained.

    In our time, in addition to its natural functions, the back takes on considerable load due to limitation of normal human mobility due to a change in lifestyle towards a more static (seated). In a difficult process of confronting such challenges, the back gives us the opportunity, first of all, to realize its significance for a person.

    Currently, more and more patients and their family members want to understand more about the nature of the medical problem they face. To understand the state of your back it is useful first to understand some of the fundamentals of the spine structure.


    What does the spine consist of?

    How does spin work?

    What processes affect the back?

    The “Spine Ambulatory” Center will help you sort out these issues and restore your back health.

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